Enterprise Impact

Entrepreneurship in Harmony with Society and Nature

Helping the Development of Flourishing Entrepreneurs through STSF Training Model and the Collaboration of Local Stakeholders through Strategizing Impact Investing and Building a Vibrant and Awakened Entrepreneurial Community in order to Stimulate an Equitable Triple-Bottom-Line Economic Development


Bringing an Idea to a Marketable Product or Service is a significant creative challenge which requires domain expertise, knowing the targeted audience, and the correct definition of the problem to solve in order to develop a sustainable venture

The Entrepreneur Doctor

Coaching Service to Help Entrepreneurs with their Pressing Questions and Developing Resilient & Flourishing ImpactPreneurs

System Assessment & Design

Management, Organizational, and Information Systems GAP Analysis, Design of Desired Systems, and Project Requirements and Scoping Charter

Small Business Development Workshops for Starting or Growing Local Businesses

Series of Training Sessions for Artists and Tradesmen to Start or Grow their Local/Regional Businesses

Corporate Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Mindset Development Workshops

Training Mid-to-Large Size Corporate Employees to Think like Ingenious Entrepreneurs

Equitable Triple-Bottom-Line Economic Development

Responsible Development of a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that Considers People, Planet, and Profit in Harmony with Nature for the Benefit of All

Development of Entrepreneurial Incubators, Accelerators, and Workshops for Small Businesses, Venture, Social, and Impact Enterprises, Side-Gig Projects, as well as Corporate Entrepreneurial Undertakings

Curriculum of Seminars about Consciousness-based Economic Development for Foundations, City and County Governments in order to be Awakened to a Wholistic System View

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